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Is sugar killing us?

effects of sugar in the body

Death by sugar is no longer an overstatement as evidence shows that sugar is the major factor causing obesity and chronic disease.

Is sugar a sweet old friend planning your demise?

There is a vast sea of research suggesting that sugar is secretly planning your death. Science shows us that sugar in all its forms is taking a devastating toll on your health.

Today 32% of Americans are obese and an additional one-third is overweight; carrying extra weight increases risk for deadly conditions such as heart disease, kidney disease, and diabetes.

Have you ever heard that cancer might just have a sweet tooth? It isn’t a coincidence that people with higher glucose levels develop more cancers. According to researchers at the University of California, sugar poses a health risk causing around 35 million deaths globally each year. It’s so high that its toxicity should now be considered a potentially toxic substance like alcohol and tobacco.

Sugar doesn’t stop at just causing a person to have disease like diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hyper- and hypoglycemia, and heart disease. Sugar and cancer are locked in a death grip yet oncologists often fail to do what is necessary to stop their patients from feeding their cancers with sweets. 

If you’re craving sugar you may just have a sugar loving parasite using your body as an affordable home for itself, while causing your health to deteriorate.  A Grain and Sugar free diet is  vital in removing parasites from our bodies Think about it this by switching one tiny diet additive  we can make a huge difference in our health

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