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Do Parasites Cause Cancer?

Parasites Cause Cancer

YES! But it is unlikely that a GP will ever tell you that the cause of your illness is a parasite. But parasites do cause cancer. They drain you of nourishment and produce carcinogenic waste products called Aflatoxins. One of the most common parasites is yeast (ex. Candida) Gp’s do not ever test for parasites. This is negligence and or ignorance. Research from around the world links stomach cancer to bacteria called Heliobacter pylori (H-Pylori)  and colon cancer to microbes study. CANCER WATCH SPRING 2006
Do you know that cinnamon and garlic both are used for the elimination of Parasites? Yes, and both of these are used in treatment for other common diseases. Cinnamon used commonly in the treatment of diabetes and garlic in the treatment of arthritis. This proving that parasites can be the cause of other diseases or illnesses.

What can I do?

First be proactive in your healthcare decisions. Read and investigate alternative treatments. But most importantly you must starve the parasites by eliminating ALL sugars. (Even sweet fruit for a while.) Use only stevia that not only does NOT feed cancer cells or parasites but also has antifungal and anti- parasitic properties. Also, you must build your immune system by eating lots of fresh vegetables and live food, and taking daily a good probiotic supplement. Very important is to detox daily during elimination. When parasites die off they produce toxins and carcinogens like Aflatoxin B. These must be flushes out with a series of colonics (Colon Hydrotherapy) performed by an experienced professional.

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