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Permanent Eyelash Extension in Miami Fl

Eyelash Extensions Specialist in Miami

Let's face it not everybody was on with beautiful eyelashes and as we watch famous celebrities such as Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and others walk down the red carpet, we can’t help but see they have the most amazing eyelashes. You will be surprised to know that more than 90% of celebrities use Permanent Eyelashes Extensions.

Permanent Eyelashes Extensions has been a very well kept secret for a long time. Today Permanent Eyelashes Extensions are available to everyone. Cool Waters Holistic and Wellness Center is proud to be a Permanent Eyelashes Extensions in the Miami - Fort Lauderdale area.

Not to be confused with the self-stick strip falsies of the 90s or single application individual clusters of lashes. Cool Waters Holistic Centers Eyelash Extensions are a semi-permanent professional solution. The difference with Cool Waters Lashes is that they are not just beautiful but also safe. We will give you thicker, luxurious, longer eyelashes, meticulously applied one by one, and bonded with medical-grade adhesives. Our Cool Waters Eyelash Extensions are applied by a certified licensed beauty professional. Because every application is unique, we encourage you to make an appointment for a free consultation and discuss the solutions that best fits your needs and expectations.