Cool Waters Day Spa Services in Miami

An Overview of Colonics in Miami, our Primary Service.

Colon Hydrotherapy Treatments are a way that people can have their colon or large intestine cleansed of toxins and impurities that may harm your body. The treatment consists of cleansing the colon by spraying warm purified water into the colon. Patients have lost as much as 10 pounds of waste back up that was in their colon as a result of years of undigested food.

Once you have become comfortable with a colon hydrotherapy treatment, you will find that using our other services is just as benificial to maintaining a healthy system. Please click on the links in the right side menu to learn more about our other services. Be sure to call and speak with Alba, if you have any questions about the procedures or benefits, she will take the time to explain.

Cool Waters Day Spa Services in Miami

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